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General Dentistry

Let Us Help You Achieve & Maintain a Healthy Smile

If fear of going to the dentist has held you back from taking proper care of your smile, come to Billings Dental Care. For over three decades, we have been the practice families across LaGrange, NY, and Dutchess County have trusted for comfortable, individualized care. Our friendly team uses the latest technology in the industry to provide exceptional services that prevent problems from occurring and treat those that do. You’re in great hands in our dental family!

Preventive Care


Preventive dentistry is essential for protecting your smile from detriments such as cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. We offer in-office preventive care that, when used in tandem with your at-home dental hygiene routine, create a comprehensive approach to a healthy smile. Our regular check-ups include hygiene, annual digital x-rays, and screenings for gum disease, TMJ and oral cancer. We educate you on the best oral health habits and symptoms of problems that need immediate addressing. Let’s work together to keep that smile healthy for life!

Teeth Cleaning


We generally recommend teeth cleanings for patients twice a year if they don’t have any dental health problems. These appointments include removal of stains, plaque, and tartar, as well as polishing and flossing the teeth for a squeaky clean smile.



Moderate gum disease can be addressed through a non-surgical treatment called scaling. We clean the teeth beneath the gumline to remove bacteria and tartar and to prevent further infection. We use both hand-held and ultrasonic tools to make this as comfortable and effective of a treatment as possible.

Root Canals


A root canal is necessary when a tooth has suffered severe trauma or when infection invades the pulp of the tooth and affects the nerve. Pulp infection does not go away on its own, which is why treatment is essential. Symptoms may include tooth sensitivity, a bad taste in your mouth, swelling, or pain. However, sometimes there are no symptoms and the problem can only be detected through an exam.

During a root canal, we clean out the pulp and eliminate bacteria in the tooth’s canals. Then, the tooth is filled with a material designed to prevent further damage. If necessary, a crown will be bonded onto the tooth to restore its strength and appearance.

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