Providing Dental Services in LaGrange, NY

The staff and Dr. Nesheiwat at Billings Dental Care is dedicated to providing patients of all ages with the highest level of dental care in LaGrange, NY. Our goal is to provide you and your family with quality, comfortable dental services, and give all of our patients information and resources they need to take charge of their oral health. We focus on giving each patient individualized care, so they feel comfortable and at ease in the dental chair.

We are proud to offer dental services including:

Preventative Care

Preventative dentistry plays an important role in preventing problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Our in-office dental care complements your at-home dental routine. Regular check-ups include hygiene appointments, periodontal (gum) disease screenings, annual x-rays, TMJ screenings, oral cancer screenings, and more. Together, we will work with you and your family members to ensure you all develop healthy oral health habits. We will also help you recognize the warning signs if something serious develops.


Regular dental cleanings are recommended bi-annually for most healthy patients. These include removing stains, plaque, tartar or calculus, and then polishing and flossing the teeth.


For patients with moderate gum disease, dental scaling is the most common non-surgical treatment method. Scaling can help treat the disease and keep it from getting worse. This procedure involves cleaning areas of the tooth below the gum line, to help remove bacteria and prevent gum disease from getting worse. Scaling can be done with either hand-held or ultrasonic instruments. Both types of cleaning methods remove tartar build-up and help improve your oral health.

Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown may be necessary if your tooth has been severely damaged or is in an advanced stage of tooth decay. If the tooth cannot be fixed with bonding material, this is especially true. Crowns cover the remaining tooth, and like a filling, help restore aesthetics, strength, and function to your teeth. Dental crowns can be made from several materials. The material used is dependent on the area of your mouth being restored.

A dental bridge is used when tooth loss occurs due to decay, injury, or gum disease. Leaving a missing or injured tooth unfixed can create larger problems for you and your dental health. If your teeth begins to shift, it can result in pain and discomfort, not to mention look unsightly. A bridge helps close the gaps in your mouth and looks and acts like your natural teeth. The bridge is permanently cemented in your mouth and helps maintain the position of the rest of your teeth.


For patients missing all or most of their teeth, dentures can help them restore a natural looking, healthy smile. Complete dentures are used to replace a person's teeth when they are all missing. Partial or removable dentures are designed for patients who still retain some of their natural teeth. All types of dentures are designed to restore health, beauty, and function to your smile. They are individually crafted to fit your mouth comfortably and snugly, and can help restore the ability to eat and speak. Properly placed dentures also prevent facial sagging.


Dental filling not only aids and prevent broken teeth in the future, it can help you achieve a more natural looking smile. Tooth fillings help treat dental decay and restores structure to a tooth after it is broken or decayed. The composite material typically used in today's fillings is carefully matched to your existing tooth structure, which helps your tooth look natural, and the filling virtually undetectable.

Root Canals

Root canal therapy is necessary if a tooth has been affected by severe trauma or when an infection has reached the pulp of a tooth, which causes an infection of the nerve. Once a pulp has been infected, it must be treated in order to avoid further issues. This is because it cannot heal itself. If you have sensitivity to hot or cold liquids and food, pain, a bad taste in your mouth, or swelling, it may be a sign that a tooth pulp has become infected. For some patients, however, there are no obvious symptoms and they are unaware of a problem existing until they go to the dentist for their routine exam.

During endodontic therapy, the pulp is cleaned out, and the canals of your tooth are disinfected. After the area has been disinfected, the canals are filled with a special material to prevent further infections. This also helps in healing the tooth. In some cases, a bonded post, crown, or core build-up is necessary to restore the tooth to full function. Maintaining regular checkups to your dentist can help you avoid and prevent the need for endodontic therapy.


Veneers are custom-made ceramic or porcelain laminates that are applied directly to patient's teeth. Because veneers take on the natural discoloration of your teeth, this procedure is almost undetectable. Porcelain veneers are a good option for patients with misaligned or crooked teeth. It is also an excellent choice for those looking to close gaps between their teeth and want an option that is resistant to discoloration from dental bleaching.

Teeth Whitening

Soon after starting teeth whitening treatment at Billings Dental Care, you will start to see a whiter and brighter smile. With our whitening services the effects of coffee, smoking, tea, and other causes for tooth discoloration will slowly disappear, leaving a beautiful white smile. Schedule an appointment for a consultation with your dentist to see if you're a candidate for teeth whitening.

Dental Care in LaGrange, NY You Can Count On

For over three decades, Billings Dental Care has provided a range of family dental services in LaGrange, NY and for patients across Dutchess County. Our team of dental professionals is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming to returning and new patients alike. For preventative dentistry services you and your family can trust, choose Billings Dental Care Our goal is to provide you and your loved ones with a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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